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The Colca Valley

Colca is a Canyon of the Colca River in southern Peru, besides is Measured in its northern section 4160 Meters deep, while whereas in the south its measured 3600 Meters in contrast.The Canyon is the house of Andean Condors.LA ANDENERIA DEL VALLE [The Terracing coupled with Valley] these agriculture terraces significantly sculpted throughout the Valley by the COLLEAGUES and CABANAS, and undoubtedly INCAS.HERENCIA DE PIEDRA [Legacy of Stone].Picturesque district of COLCA in the same fashion SIBAYAN, Amazing artwork whole village at an altitude of 3880, in view of 36 Km from CHIVAY.RESERVA NACIONAL SALINAS Y AGUADA BLANCA notably refuges, therefore, South American Camelids namely unlike LLAMA, ALPACA, GUANACO, and VICUNA.LA FLORA Y FAUNA DEL CANYON [ The Flora and Fauna ].The LA CALERA natural hot springs, Thermal baths, colonial bridges, waterfalls, archaeological sites Caves of Mollepunko, ancient rock art, snow-capped peaks, lakes, etc.

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